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HDPE - 100

Raw Material: HDPE 100 polyethylene, classified according to the minimum required strength (MRS); color black. The material fulfills the requirements of EN 1555 for gas supply as well as EN 12201 for drinking water supply. Baenninger PE 100 fittings are registered within DVGW, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water for application in the areas of gas and water supply.

Working pressure:

– HDPE 100 SDR 11 nominal pressure 16 bar

– HDPE 100 SDR 17 nominal pressure 10 bar

For gas apply: Max. working pressure is not equal to nominal pressure (see DVGW guideline VP 608 or regulations of respective countries).

Application examples: underground gas pipelines, pipelines for drinking water, vacuum and waste-water disposal pipelines, apparatus and plant construction, chemical industry, fish industry, irrigation systems, disposal technology, waste water treatment plants, waste incineration systems, building of swimming pools and many others.

HDPE 100 fittings and pipes are largely spread within lay underground gas and water pipelines. Substantial advantages are small weight with high flexibility and good chemical resistance.